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We use vehicles to get around, but they are so much more than that. The vehicles we drive say a lot about our personal styles and attitudes, so if you’re looking to make an impact with your car or truck, then look no further than The Powder Coaters.

We have been applying powder coats to automotive parts in Nanaimo BC for many years, and we know what it takes to breathe new life into an old component or add the right kind of flare to make a vehicle pop.

We will explore the different types of automotive components that can be powder coated, and we will discuss how we powder coat vehicle parts to give you a better understanding of the process.

  • What vehicle parts can be powder coated?
  • How to get your automotive parts powder coated?
  • What kinds of colors are available at the Powder Coaters?

What vehicle parts can be powder coated?

Powder coating is a process that applies a polymer resin to a surface through electrostatic spray deposition. This means that the item being powder coated receives an electrical charge to attract the coat. Therefore, any metal surface is an ideal candidate for a powder coat.

If you are wondering if powder coating is the right choice, our expert technicians have years of experience applying powder coats to vehicle parts, and we know what it takes to ensure your component gets the best possible coating. Contact us today and we’ll get you started,

The most popular and common metal vehicle parts that can be powder coated include:

  • Body Panels
  • Trim pieces
  • Chassis and Frames
  • Springs and Sway-bars
  • Shock and Strut Bodies
  • Roll bars and Roll Cages
  • Wheels
  • Oil Pans
  • Brackets

How to get your auto part powder coated?

Every day we service customers located throughout Vancouver Island looking to get an item powder coated. While we cannot guarantee that your part can be powder coated, if it is made of metal there is a good chance we can apply a powder coat. The best thing to do is contact our friendly customer service department by calling our office or filling out the request a quote form on our website.

Once we receive your part, we will first clean the item through a pre-treatment process that will eliminate any grease or byproducts that have built up on the part. After the item has been thoroughly cleansed, we take the selected polymer resin and apply it to the part using an electrostatic spray gun. Once the item is fully coated, we move it to our industrial oven and begin the curing process. Curing bakes the resin to the surface and ensures that the coating will last for many years. Finally, the product is removed from the oven and left to cool.

What colors are available at The Powder coaters?

The Powder Coaters is a fully stocked powder coating shop. This means we have a wide array of colors available. With 265 color options in stock, we offer the largest supply of in-house colors on Vancouver Island, and we have access to over 20,000 custom colors, so you can rest assured that we can provide you with the color required for your project.

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