To get the best possible coating on any metal surface preparation is key. At the Powder Coaters in Nanaimo, BC, we specialize in coating metal, so we know what it takes to get your parts ready for a fresh coat, and an integral part of our process is sandblasting.

Let’s take a closer look at sandblasting and examine the benefits of using this technique to prepare metal prior to being coated.

  • What is sandblasting?
  • What types of metal can you sandblast?
  • How do I get my metal Sandblasted at The Powder Coaters?

What is Sandblasting?

First invented in 1870, Sandblasting has been an integral part of the manufacturing industry for over a century. The process has evolved over the years, but it is based upon naturally occurring erosion observable throughout the world. It’s a simple concept: wind blows sand across a surface, and the friction causes particles to break away.

With the use of compressed air and a spray gun, we can replicate the process in a controlled environment and use it in specific applications.

These days, sandblasting, sometimes referred to as abrasive blasting, is employed in a variety of settings to clean surfaces. Its widespread use is due to the effectiveness of the process to clear away debris, grease, rust, or any other unwanted substances that have built up over time.

At the Powder Coaters, we have a full-sized sandblasting booth capable of receiving any metal part. We use a sandblasting mineral called a garnet derived from almandite (iron aluminum silicate). Using our industrial-strength sandblasting equipment, we spray every part that comes through our shop with the garnet before we move on to applying the powder coat.

What types of metal can you sandblast?

Most types of metal are ideal for sandblasting. Metal is durable and capable of being exposed to highly abrasive material without taking damage. At the Powder Coaters, we regularly receive metal products from our customers for powder coating or sandblasting, and our trained technicians will be able to tell you if your item is suitable for sandblasting.

While the vast majority of metal can be sandblasted, there are some exceptions. Due to its malleable properties, we do not sandblast aluminum products. Sandblasting creates a profile on the surface of aluminum products that will show through the coating. That being said, we do sandblast aluminum car rims to improve the adhesion of the coating. Aluminum rims receive a primer before they are coated which covers up the profile created during sandblasting.

How do I get my products sandblasted?

We typically sandblast any item we receive at the powder coaters before we apply the coating. If you bring in your metal products to our shop in Nanaimo BC, they will most likely be sandblasted unless the customer instructs us not to sandblast their part. We also offer sandblasting as a separate service for items that do not need to be powder coated.

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