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We all want to keep our properties safe and functional, but it often feels like a losing battle. There are very few homeowners out there that don’t have a long list of things they need to fix. The railings and gates around our houses tend to get a lot of traffic, and the heavy rainfall we experience during the winter months in Nanaimo BC only adds to their deterioration. If you feel like you are falling behind on the upkeep of your railings or gates, powder coating could be the solution you are looking for.

We will discuss the benefits of powder coating and examine how you can get your railings and gates coated at the Powder Coaters in Nanaimo BC.

  • What are the benefits of powder coating a railing or gate?
  • How do I get my railing or gate powder coated?
  • What color options are available at The Powder Coaters?

What are the benefits of Powder Coating a railing or gate?

Powder coating offers a number of distinct advantages when it comes to the life of a railing or gate. When exposed to the elements for extended periods of time, unprotected metal will eventually begin to rust. A properly applied powder coat will give your metal railing or gate a layer of protection that will fend off corrosion for many years. Because powder coating is applied using electrostatic energy, it is possible to build up a much thicker layer when compared to traditional paint. After being coated, the item is cured in an industrial oven. Exposure to heat creates a chemical bond between the particles in the coat and forms a protective skin over the surface. This skin is incredibly strong and is designed to keep out moisture and other factors that could contribute to the decay of your equipment.

How do I get my railing or gate powder coated?

Getting your railing or gate powder-coated in Nanaimo is now easier than ever thanks to The Powder Coaters. If you have a railing or gate that you want powder-coated, all you have to do is contact our friendly customer service department by phone or email, and we’ll set you up with an appointment. When your time comes, just bring in components you want to be powder coated and we’ll do the rest.

After we have received your railing or gate, we will prepare the part for powder coating. First, we thoroughly cleanse the item before inserting it into the appropriate chemical bath to remove any particles or grease that have built up during use. After the railing or gate has been properly cleaned and dried, we will begin the powder coating process.

The piece is first attached to a grounding wire, and then the powder coating technician will insert the selected polymer resin into the powder coating spray gun. The particles in the powder receive a negative charge before being forced out of the gun using air pressure. The particles are drawn to the grounded part and they form a coating over your railing or gate. Once the surface is sufficiently covered, the operator will take the gate to our industrial-sized oven and begin the curing process. With the correct temperature set, your railing or gate will be cured for 15-30 minutes before it is removed from the oven and left to cool. Once the railing or gate has been thoroughly inspected for defects or abnormalities, we will contact you to set up a pick-up time.

What colors are available at The Powder coaters?

The Powder Coaters is a fully stocked powder coating shop. This means we have a wide array of colors available. With 265 color options in stock, we offer the largest supply of in-house colors on Vancouver Island, and we have access to over 20,000 custom colors, so you can rest assured that we can provide you with the color required for your project.

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