Bumpers & Racks

Let’s be honest, the bumpers and racks on our vehicles take a beating. Just as their name implies, bumpers bear the brunt of the everyday wear and tear of a vehicle, and the racks we use get banged up transporting the equipment we need for work or play. If you are operating a vehicle offroad in Nanaimo BC, you’ve probably got a bumper that has seen it all. But don’t despair, it’s easier than ever to get your bumpers and racks looking like new.

Powder coating is one of the best ways to protect your bumpers and racks especially if you plan to do any bush-related activities. At the Powder Coaters in Nanaimo BC, we regularly powder coat automotive equipment for our customers, so you can rest assured knowing that your parts are in the best hands.

We will discuss the benefits of powder coating bumpers and racks and explain the process of getting your components powder coated.

  • What are the benefits of powder coating a bumper or rack?
  • How do I get my bumper or rack powder coated?
  • What color options are available at the Powder Coaters?

What are the benefits of powder coating a bumper or rack?

Powder coating offers one of the best ways to protect a bumper or rack. Unlike a traditional paint job, a powder coat is applied electrostatically which allows for a much thicker and more durable coat. This coat is then cured in an industrial oven. The curing process bonds the particles together into a skin that will protect your parts from damage.

How do I get my bumper or rack powder coated?

To get your parts powder-coated, all you need to do is bring them to our shop and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll first assess your part to see if it is a good candidate for powder coating. Once we know it is suitable for the process, we will prepare your bumper or rack for powder coating. We begin by cleaning the part in a chemical bath to remove any debris or grease that has built up during use. After the bumper or rack has been properly cleaned and dried, it is connected to a grounding wire. The polymer resin to be sprayed is attached to an electrostatic gun which sprays the negatively charged powder onto the bumper or rack and the grounding attracts the particles. Once the coating is in place, the part is taken to our oven and cured at the appropriate temperature for 15-30 minutes. After being removed from the oven, the part is allowed to cool for a few hours before it can be re-attached to your vehicle.

What colors are available at The Powder coaters?

The Powder Coaters is a fully stocked powder coating shop. This means we have a wide array of colors available. With 265 color options in stock, we offer the largest supply of in-house colors on Vancouver Island, and we have access to over 20,000 custom colors, so you can rest assured that we can provide you with the color required for your project.

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